Gay Singers

The Gay Singers The Gay Singers began as a collegiate team, with all eight members being graduates of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Their interest in a cappella singing continued after leaving the university, and soon became a uniting force for the alumni to sing for themselves as well as to perform for others.

Although a cappella singing has yet to become a mainstream performing format in Hong Kong, the Gay Singers have been able to make their voices heard, literally, in the mainstream media. They were featured in the Hong Kong Connection series, an RTHK documentary programme, performed on the charity gala show to raise funds for the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, and were presented with the Lifestyle Award by Metro Radio. The group even cut the first-ever a cappella version of the Chinese national anthem for NOW TV.

In July 2007, the Gay Singers were invited by the Hong Kong Government to participate in celebration activities on Mainland, in commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the Hong Kong SAR. With the generous financial support of Home Affairs Bureau, the group also appeared in Space International a Cappella Festival presented by the national television station of South Korea, Taiwan International Choral Ensemble Festival, and Singapore International A Cappella Festival. Besides, it has also toured to Malaysia, Macau, and various cities on Mainland including Harbin, Beijing, Xiamen, ShunDe, and Shenzhen.

As the only local a cappella group with a discography to its credit, the Gay Singers have released five CD’s to date.

In order to promote a cappella, the group also publishes sheet music and organizes workshops. Crossing over with other arts including dance and drama creates further opportunities for promotion. Its accumulated revenue is currently supporting “The Gay Singer’s A Cappella Development Fund” that sponsors selected events in the region and presents foreign teams to perform in Hong Kong.


除本港外,姬聲雅士亦曾多次應邀到其他地方演出,2007年獲香港特區政府邀請,到國內參與慶祝香港回歸十周年活動;其後再獲民政事務局慷慨資助,前赴南韓參與全國性電視臺EBS主辦的“Space International a Cappella Festival”及爲臺灣國際重唱藝術節擔任表演嘉賓;此後“GS”亦曾到澳門、深圳、順德、厦門、北京及哈爾濱獻唱。姬聲雅士剛于去年十月上旬獲邀到新加坡,參與當地的國際無伴奏合唱節,並往馬來西亞舉行交流音樂會,此行亦獲民政事務局慷慨資助。

這支人聲樂團至今已出版了5張專輯,分別爲《得口口唱麥嘜》、《無處不在》、《無加添》、《香港製造》及“Category I”。近年來,又嘗試與交響樂團、舞蹈團及話劇團進行合作,並製作短片,探索無伴奏合唱與其他演藝形式跨界演出之可行性。