Hekko Wicaksono

Hekko has been an A cappella artist and enthusiast for more than 25 years since high school. He is a founding member of Jamaica Cafe, the most leading A cappella group in Indonesia. As long as 21 years with the group, doing numerous gigs as Vocal Percussionist in the big cities all around Indonesia and overseas such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and lastly tour around five cities in Japan in 2016. Over five years hosting national TV program and more than 10 years as home band in a one of most happening café in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hekko’s discography includes five group albums and compilations. In addition, composed TV and commercial jingles with the group.

Born and raised in Jakarta, currently Hekko residing in Singapore for the last five years, joined Urban Harmony A cappella group for a number of gigs and engaged in many school workshops and show cases under The Acappella Society (TAS).

Recently, Hekko and one of his former group in Jakarta started the first A cappella community for Indonesia called A Cappella Indonesia, with objective to gather the A cappella passionates, promotes the music to a wider crowd and connect the local group with international A cappella community.

Hekko can easily jam and mingle in any A cappella group and made the music even enjoyable without doubt.

For his love of A cappella, Hekko never stop exploring and for the last two years, he continue to develop new expertise as a Live-VocalLooper with some stage performances, in a group or single performance both in Jakarta and Singapore.