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Aloha is an a cappella group from Gwang Ju, South Korea. Its performance history is as follows:

2012, May Performance at "Welfare of older people meeting hall"

2012, July Performed for event organized by Gwang Ju Agency of Environment

2012,Oct  Performance at "MBC Microphone of Gold A cappella"

2012,Dec  Guest performance on "The day of disable person"

2013, April Invited by " Gwang ju Cultural" to perform for Children suffered from cancer

2013, June Invited by for Patriots Affairs Office to perform in "The writing contest of foreigner."

2013, July Performed for "Gwang Ju GFN Radio Broadcasting."

2013, July Qualified in "7080 Chung Jang Festival" and obtained performance opportunity in October 2013

2013, July Invited by " Gwang ju Cultural at Land of Hwa sun" to perform for Children suffered from cancer.

2013, Aug Performed in "Gwang ju A cappella Contest for the Youth"