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Klangbezirk was founded 2005 by four singers of the federal youth jazz orchester germany. After only six rehearsels they competed in Graz at the renowned a cappella festival „Vokal Total“ and won 1st price in the jazz categorie and 2nd prize in the pop categorie. After that success, they started singing on every well known and respected a cappella event from Tampere to Taiwan. Until now, Klangbezirk has won more than 10 domestic and international awards and has toured more than 10 countries.

After recording their first album (Klangbezirk), Klangbezirk recorded a winteralbum (Winterkuscheldeckensongs) and the first mandarin a cappella album worldwide (Mandarin Songs). Currently, Klangbezirk is producing their fourth album (Back To The Garden) with songs from the legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969.

he four members of Klangbezirk live in different cities. So whenever and wherever they meet, the are making up a “district of sound”, wich is the literal the meaning of the groups name: “Klangbezirk”.

Based on their international experience, members of Klangbezirk now teach in Universities and hold masterclasses all over germany. Their arrangements are published and are part of the german choir competition.