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Mezzotono is a renowned Italian a cappella group with an international reputation. They embody the essence of Italian charm and seamlessly combine music and entertainment. Over the years, they have captivated audiences worldwide and garnered widespread acclaim for their unique sound.

Formed in 2004, this Italian ensemble swiftly rose to fame, winning the hearts of music lovers in Italy and beyond. With every note they sing, Mezzotono transports the audience to an authentic Italian experience, evoking the vibrant spirit of Italy.

What sets Mezzotono apart is their infectious energy and their penchant for engaging with the audience during performances, creating a sense of unity. The singers are all masters of comedy, infusing humor into their music and cultivating a joyful atmosphere that resonates with audiences of all ages.

Their numerous albums have achieved remarkable success. In 2008, the prestigious record company Preludio produced a self-titled album for them, propelling Mezzotono to become one of the top ten music groups in the country the following year. In 2016, their hit song "Cime di Rape" received a nomination for "Best Humorous Song" at the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA).

Mezzotono's influence extends far beyond Italy, with performances spanning over 50 countries across five continents. In 2020, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs honored them by inviting the group to serve as cultural ambassadors, sharing Italy's rich cultural heritage with audiences worldwide.