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Mezzotono, Small Italian Orchestra Without Instruments

The Mezzotono Show is executed a-cappella, which means without the use of any musical instruments, because the voices reproduce the different instruments ( drums, percussions, electric bass, guitar, mandolin).

The originality of the performance is evident in their repertoire which consists solely of defining Italian music and varies from songs in barese dialect to some classic songs of the Italian tradition.

To mention some of the songs:

Il balletto barese”, a song in barese dialect that gave  Mezzotono the  title at the Solevoci Festival in Varese,
In un vecchio palco della scala”, a tribute to the ‘50s and the great Quartetto Cetra,
Vecchio Frack” by the world renowned  Domenico Modugno, with an arangement that goes from tango to samba,
Buonasera Signorina” by Fred Buscaglione celebrated as if it was a national anthem,
Tu vuo’ fa L’Americano” by Carosone in a big impact version that includes some American rap,
“ La citta’ di Pulcinella” by Claudio Mattone very modern and fun,
“ Che cos’e’ l’amor” by Vinicio Capossela, entertaining and rich of  funny gags,
Il mio canto libero” by Battisti an everlasting sound track.

All the songs have a very different impact from the original version because of the unpredictable contribution of the rythmic-vocal section.
The often comical approach of the five interpreters encourages audience participation  in a nice and never pushy way.
Although only together for a few years, Mezzotono has already been in  several prominent Italian tv appereances ( Rai 2 as contestants in the show X-Factor, Pugliachannel, Telenorba, Antenna Sud), their tours have included theaters all over the world and they have performed hundreds of concerts.

Some notable appearances:

2005- they participated in the prestigious European festival of Graz, Austria;
2006- tour in some of the theaters of the most famous cities in Taiwan and singing seminars of a cappella singing in the Taiwanese Universities with a formal recognition by the Regione Puglia and the Comune di Bari;
2007- Bari Jazz Festival
2008- they won the Gold Diploma in the prestigious European festival of Graz, Austria
2008-  they participated and won as best group in the International Festival of A-Cappella Music “Solevoci”of Varese, president of the jury Kirby Shaw
2008- concerts at the institute of Italian Culture of Bucarest, Romania, where they received a merit note by the director Alberto Castaldini
2009-  concerts in the theaters of  Monaco, with high ranking public officials as part of the audience
2009- Tour in Albania for the International Music Festival
2009- Tour in Slovenia and Special Guest appearance at the Vocal Festival of Zalec
2009- Tour in Saudi Arabia
2009- Vivavoce Festival Treviso
2010 - Tour in Germany (Frankfurt, Wolfsburg and Hannover)
2010- Ravenna Festival
2010– Petra Matrix Festival - Matera
2010– Passaggi Sonori Festival – Rocca Imperiale (Cosenza)
2010– Suoni dal Monviso Festival
2010 – Zoom Festival – Trnava (Slovak Republic)
2010 – Tanzania and Zanzibar Tour
2010 – Angola Tour
2010 – Concert in Casablanca – Morocco
2010 – Concert in Izmir – Turkey
2011 – Concert in Istanbul – Turkey
2011 – Concert in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
2011 – Concert in Unna – Germany
2011 – Guest Group for Solevoci Festival – Varese (Italy)

Be assured of their professional skills as demonstrated not only by their resume as a group but also by their resumes as solo singers: all professional singers that have been teaching music for several years and have collaborated with nationally famous artists such as Dionne Warwick, Franco Cerri, Albano Carrisi, Mario Rosini, Gianni Ciardo, just to name a few.
In June of 2008 their cd “Mezzotono” was produced by the record company Preludio of Milan, Italy. In October of 2008 they were selected as one of the ten best groups in the whole Country and they were asked to partake in the making of the cd  “A-Cappella Made in Italy”
Mezzotono members include Daniela Desideri, soprano, Francesca Leone, mezzosoprano, Fabio Lepore, tenore, Marco Giuliani, basso and for the special event in Hong Kong Guido Di Leone on jazz guitar.
All the informations, resumes, pictures, photos, videos and audios are available on their web site