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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue is Oxford University's premier all-male a cappella group. Formed in the year 2000, OOTB has gone on to enjoy international success, having sung in Japan, Spain, Scandinavia and the USA to school kids, Presidents and everyone in between.

In the UK, the group sings at a number of events, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe -- the largest arts festival in the world -- where the group has won the Fringe sell-out award five times and gained critical and popular acclaim.

OOTB has also had a vast array of performance experience in venues ranging from intimate, private parties to Oxford's 1,800-seat New Theatre and the live semifinals of Britain's Got Talent, where they were even praised by Simon Cowell!

Other noteworthy aspects of the group's work include the expansion of its international profile: next year, the group has tours planned to Hong Kong and New Zealand, along with its annual tours throughout Europe and the US.

Since 2006, the group has fostered local roots with Helen and Douglas House, an Oxford-based charity that started in 1982 as the world's first children's hospice for those with life-limiting illnesses. Each year, OOTB performs alongside the likes of Michael McIntyre and Jimmy Carr for thousands of supporters at the charity's annual fundraising event, and the group collects for H&D House after all of its public concerts.

Finally, OOTB is the university's only large-scale ambassador for the arts, a mission it fulfills by conducting dozens of school workshops throughout the UK each year. The group's goal in doing so is to instill in children a sense of courage and adventure when it comes to performing and engaging with music, a joy that we hope to share with our audiences every time we sing on stage.

Serving an unbeatable cocktail of hot harmonies and outrageous choreography, these fourteen sharp- suited singers provide a musical experience like no other. Their enjoyment is contagious, their musicality infectious, and so hold onto your seats -- this is a cappella like you've never heard it before!

"If you don't enjoy this then you're officially the curmudgeon of the millennium"
The Scotsman
"True, simple entertainment" ★★★★★
What's On Stage

“The hippest, most foot-tappingly unnerdy thing in the world” ★★★★★
Edinburgh Festival Magazine

“Brilliant!” “Fantastic”
Michael McIntyre

“Thank God for you”
Simon Cowell

“It’s creative, it’s fun, it’s positive”
David Hasselhoff

“I love Out of the Blue!...So entertaining”
Jessie J

“You're from Oxford, but you're accessible to everybody”
Amanda Holden

“Entertaining and endearing”
Daily Telegraph, following Britain’s Got Talent

“This show was brilliant, silly fun, hilarious yet heartwarming. Really, really lovely.”
Daily Info
“The perfect recipe for entertainment” ★★★★★
Fringe Review

“A musical experience like no other”
“Electrifying energy, irrepressible enthusiasm and vibrant vocals”
Edinburgh Festival Guide