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Well produced pop, going straight to your head, and an intense live showdown between voice and computer - welcome to POSTYR!

These years, the Danish vocal group POSTYR tour around the world with their voices, their computer and their catchy songs that goes straight to your mind and feet.

The group has been known worldwide for their distinctive and evocative sound that combines 5 vocals with sampled beats and heartfelt songwriting. This makes POSTYR’s live performances into something unprecedented in the international music scene. You will experience a showdown of how pop music is created on stage and you will go home from the band's concerts with at least one hook line firmly planted in your ears.

POSTYR has just returned from an 18 months tour, which include a concert series in Taiwan, where the group appeared in several television shows and gave a concert for 20.000 people headlining one of the biggest festivals in Asia, Taichung Jazz Festival.

On special occasions POSTYR has performed with Danish and international artists such as the Swedish vocal jazz legends The Real Group, Rajaton, Pust, DJ Static and Nabiha. The group has been nominated for and won several international awards for their concerts and recordings. Most recent, as runner up for Pentatonix for best live performance at the ACA Awards in the United States.

My Future Self
Go Don't Stop